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How to use co-promote in real estate marketing.

Building a website, posting content, then hoping consumers find you online is a bit like putting a sign in a yard, performing no marketing, and hoping a bunch of potential buyers stop by or call for a preview. Getting your content found online by real estate consumers takes work.

If you have created a masterpiece you know buyers and sellers will love, used killer graphics to convey your message, have shared the article all over the web, yet traffic is still lagging, there is an easy way to help increase both exposure and traffic. Promote your content on CoPromote. It is a social sharing site well suited for both novice and advanced real estate bloggers.

They have both a free service and paid options. The free version allows you to promote (they call it boost) one piece of content at a time. The three pay plans are Pro, Premium, and Max, which all allow you to promote as many pieces of content concurrently as you wish. You also get an extra 200,000 to 1.5 million points per month (depending on your plan).

Basically, you share your article via social media then boost that content so others on CoPromote can see your article and share it with their online audiences. In-turn, you need to share content created by others to keep your “points” high enough so others can share your content. You gain points each time you share content with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. The number of points you receive is based on the number of followers you have on the social media site you share to.

Image courtesy of Anita Clark

What’s the value of this approach? Let’s say you live in a military community. You know our servicemen and women periodically move to bases in other locales. If you have created an article about military relocation tips that is shared on CoPromote by another agent in another locale to their followers, it could result in a future buyer if that consumer happens to be moving to your military community and sees your content on that agents Facebook feed, Instagram page, YouTube channel, etc. Even if the share does not result in future biz, you get a whole lot more brand exposure, with minimal effort expended.

You have the options of following other co-promoters (so you know when they have shared new content that you can share), sending invites to friends and colleagues, and can choose from a wide range of topics you want to see on a regular basis. It is a give-and-take system that rewards and encourages you to share quality articles.

It works! Give the free option a spin. You have nothing to lose. Watch your articles gain traction via shares that help push your content to the far reaches of the Web. If that does not sell you on giving it a spin, the links are currently do-follow for all the link junkies out there.


Blog (Website) Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye – 3 Best Ways

Yadi aapke pass ek blog hai Ya phir aap ek blog bana kar paisa kamane ke bare soch rahe hai to ye post aapke liye helpful hoga kyoki iss post me mai aapko ye batane ki kosish karuga ki aap ek blog ke dwara paisa kaise kama sakte hai. jab koi blogger apna blog bana lena hai to uske samne sabse bada problem ye hota hai ki woh apne blog se paise kamane ke liye kon se tarike ka upyog kare. wese to ek blog se paise kamane ke bahut se tarike hai lekin ye jaruri nahi hai ki har tarika aapke liye kaam kare. Isliye blog se paisa kamane ke liye sahi tarika choose karna bahut jaruri hai. Jab aap apna blog bana le to aap ye naa soche ki aap jiss din apna blog banaya ussi din se paise kamane ke bare me sochne lage. Blog banane ke baad aap apne blog ko improved kare aur blog par badiya traffic lane ke bare me soche jab aapke blog par daily badiya traffic aane lage uske baad paise kamane ke bare soche. yadi aap blog se pahle hi din me paise kamane ke bare me sochne lage to phir aap apne blog se paise kamane me 100% fail ho jayege. Isliye blog se paisa kamane ke liye aapko uss par thoda time dena hoga. Aaj hum iss post me aapko kuch bahut hi badiya method ke bare me btayege jinke dwara aap apne blog se paisa kama sakte hai. Mai aaj jin method ko aapke sath share karne jaa raha hu woh method jyadatar blogger upyog karte hai. To Chalo dosto dekhte hai ki blog se paisa kamane ke liye hum kon kon se method ka upyog kar sakte hai.

1- Advertising Networks-

Ye ek bahut hi simple tarika hai blog se paisa kamane ke liye. internet par bahut se Advertising Networks hai jo aapko blog se paise kamane ka offer dete hai. lekin aapko iss baat ka bhi dhyaan rakhna hoga ki sabhi Advertising Networks trsuted nahi hote hai bahut se Advertising Networks scam bhi hote hai jo aapse apna kaam karwa lete hai aur paise nahi dete hai.

Agar hum Best Advertising Networks ki baat kare to usme Google adsense sabse badiya hai kyoki isko google ne banaya hai aur google kitni trsuted compnay hai isko humko aapko batane ki jarurt nahi hai. Isliye aap apne blog se paisa kamane ke liye sabse pahle google adsense ka upyog kar sakte hai. Apne blog me Google adsense upyog karne se pahle aapko apna blog ko google adsense se approved karana hoga jab aapka blog google adsense se approved ho jayega uske baad aap google adsense ke ads ko apne blog me laga kar paise kama sakte hai. jab aap google adsense ke ads ko apne blog me lagate hai uske baad jab ko visitor aapke uss ads par click karta hai tab aapki earning hoti hai. jab aapke google adsense acount me $100 ho jayege uske baad aap apne paise ko apne bank acount me transfer kar sakte hai. Agar aap mujhse puche ki ek naye blog se paisa kamane ke liye kon se method ka upyog kare to mai aapse yahi kahuga ki aap google adsense ka upyog kare.

Agar apka Google Adsense ka account approve nahi hota hai to aap Propeller Ads Network try kar sakte hai aur apne blog se achhe paise kama sakte hai.

2- Affiliate marketing-

Ek blog se paisa kamane ke liye dusara sabse papular tarika jo hai woh hai Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing ka upyog pure duina me bahut jyada log karte hai. Agar aap Affiliate marketing ka upyog sahi tarike se kare to aap iske dwara bahut hi jyada paise kama sakte hai. Affiliate marketing me humko karna ye hota hai ki humko kisi dusari company ke product ko apne blog par apne tarike se promote karna hoga hai jab koi visitor aapke promote kiye gaye product ko buy karta hai to company humko uss product ke hisab se commision deti hai. India me bahut se aise log hai jo Affiliate marketing ke dwara har mahine laakho rupay kama rahe hai. india ke ek top blogger Harsh Agrwaal apne se Affiliate marketing ke dwara har mahine 10-12 laakh tak kama lete hai. Harsh Agrwaal ke alawa bhi bahut se aise indian blogger hai jo Affiliate marketing ke dwara har mahine laakh rupay se jyada kama lete hai. Affiliate marketing ek best tarika hai apne blog se paisa kamane ke liye aur sabhi professional blogger iska upyog karte hai. Affiliate marketing ki ek khaas baat ye bhi hai ki aap iske dwara kam traffic par bhi paise kama sakte hai. isliye aap apne blog se paise kamane ke liye Affiliate marketing ko bhi choose kar sakte hai. agar aap planing ke sath Affiliate marketing kare to aap iske dwara acche paise kama sakte hai.

jab bhi aap Affiliate marketing ke dwara apne blog se paise kamane ke bare me soche to aapko ye kosish karni cahiye ki aap logo ke sath connect ho kar unke sath friendly rahe aur apne upar un logo ka ek badiya trust banaye logo ka aapke upar jitna jyada trust hoga utna hi badiya tarike se aap Affiliate marketing se paise kama payege. iske sath sath aap Affiliate marketing me un hi product ko promote kare jo real me sahi ho kabhi bhi aisa product ko naa promote kare jinki wajah se logo ka aapke upar se viswash uth jaye. Affiliate marketing me sabse jaruri baat trust hota hai. aur trust hi aapko affiliate marketing me success kar sakti hai.

Aap Affiliate marketing ke liye FlipKart aur Amazon ko use kar sakte hai. Eske liye apko niche diye gaye posts apki help karenge.

3- Apne Khud Ka Product Sell Kare-

yadi aap kisi chiz me expert hai to aap apne khud ke product/service ko sell karke bhi bahut hi badiya paise apne blog se kama sakte hai. Aapko apna product apne blog topic se related banana cahiye. yadi aapka blog tech se related hai to aapka product/service bhi tech se realated hona cahiye aur yadi aapka blog food se related hai to aapka product/service bhi food se related hona cahiye mtlab ki aapko apna product/service blog se related hona cahiye. aapka product/service ekbum badiya hona cahiye jab koi bhi visitor aapka product/service buy kare to woh aapke product/service se khush hona cahiye. jab bhi aap koi product banane jaye to aap uss product ko creat karne me pura time lagaye aur usko ek badiya tarike se banaye. agar aapne koi badiya product bana diya aur aapke product se aapke visitor puri tarah se khush rahe to aap uss product se bahut hi long time tak bahut hi badiya profit kama sakte hai. apne khud ka product bana kar sell karne ka idea ekdum bahut hi badiya idea hai apne blog se paisa kamane ke liye. aap iss tarike ko apne blog me upyog karke acche paise kama sakte hai.
Agar aapke blog par badiya traffic hai to aap bahut se tarike se apne blog se paisa kama sakte hai. maine aapko jin tarike ke bare me bataya hai ye sabhi tarike jyada upyog kiya jata hai blog se paisa kamane ke liye inke alawa bhi aur bhi bahut se tarike hai jinke dwara hum blog se paisa kama sakte hai. mai aapko yahi advice dunga ki aap upar bataye gaye tarike ko hi apne blog se paisa kamane ke liye upyog kare..yadi aapko ye post accha laga ho to isko social media par share kare aur yadi aapka iss post se related koi sawal hai to aap humse comment box me puch sakte hai.

blogspot par free website ya blog kaise bnaye full guid in hindi

Blogspot Par Blog Kaise Banaye – Free Website ब्लॉगस्पॉट पर ब्लॉग कैसे बनाए

Blogspot Par Blog Kaise Banaye – फ्री वेबसाइट

Hello Bloggers, aaj hum apko Blogspot Par Blog Kaise Banaye Blogspot Par Free Website Kaise Kare iske bare mai batayenge. New bloggers blog banana ke liye bahot utsuk (enthusiastic) hote hai. Isliye wo serche karte hai “blog kaise banaye” aur jo link dikhe uspar click karke blog create kar lete hai. Fir badme setting kisi aur hi chiz ki kar dete hai. Agar aap Internet par pehli baar website bana rahe hai, aur aapko free me blog ya website banani hai to Blogger se bhadia koi aur platform nahi hai. Chaliye jane Blogspot Par Blog Kaise Banaye Blogspot Par Free Website Kaise Kare step by step.

Blogger (Blogspot) goole ka hi product hai. To iske liye apko naya account banana ki jarurat nahi hoti. Agar apka already email ID hai to aap usse blog crate kar sakte hai.

Blogger me Login Kare

  1. Apne computer mai koi bhi web browser open kare aur yahttp://www.blogspot.commai se kisi ek website par jaiye.
  2. Waha apni email ID aur password enter karke login kare. Agar aap us browser mai already login honge to wo step karne ki jarurat nahi hongi. Aap siddha apni email ID put kar aage badhe.
  3. Login karne ke baad blogger aapse aapki Google+ profile use karne ko kahega

Continue to Blogger” par click kare.

New Blog create kare

  1. Continue karke aapke saamne ek page khulega is page par hamare dwara banaye gaye sabhi blog aa jayege. Naya blog banane ke liye left me diye gaye “New Blog” button par click kare. Fir ek box open hoga.
  2. Is box me apne blog ki details fill up kare. 

 Title : Apne blog ka Title (matlab Naam) likhe.

  • Address:Yaha apko apke blog ke liye ek unique name dena hai, jo pahle kisi nena diya ho. Apke name dalne ke baad agar apka name unique hai to waha apko message dikhega “This blog address is available”. Blogger address ke aage apne aap blogspot add kardega. Is address ko hum apne blog ki domain bhi kehte hai. Jab bhi kisi ko aapka blog kholna hoga wo isi address par jakar kholega.
  • Template: Template ka matlab aapke blog ka design ya theme apko kaisa rakhne hai. Blogger kayi sare template deta hai. Inme se apni pasand ka template select kare. Aap ise baad mai change bhi kar sakte hai.
  • Title, address aut template choose karne ke baad Create blogpar click kare.

Ab aapka blogger par blog ready ho gaya hai. Ready hone ke baad jo page aapke saamne jo dikh raha hai use hum dashboard kehte hai.

Dashboard ek aisa page hai jaha se hum apne website ko control karte hai. Ye page sirf jiski website hai usi ko dikhta hai doosre logo ko sirf website ka front hi dikhta hai. Aap dashboard se apne blog par khuch bhi daal, hata ya badal sakte hai.

New article likhkar publish kare

Hamara blog ready to ho gaya hai, lekin abhi tak ispar koi article (post) nahi hai. Apne blog upar nayi post daalne ke liye dashboard ke left menu me “New post” par click kare. Click karne ke baad aapke saamne ek Post editor khul jayega. Post Editor wo page hota hai jaha se aap apne blog par nayi post write, edit ya update kar sakte hai.

  • Sabse pehle hume apni post ka Title(heading) daalni hai.
  • Jaha hum apne article likhenge use textarea kahte hai. textareamai hi apko pura article likhna hai.
  • Article likhne ke baad is post ko apne blog par daalne ke liye “Publish” par click kare. Iska matlab aap apna article prakashit kar rahe hai apne blog par.

Ispar click karne ke baad hamara post blog par update ho jati hai. Aur hamari website par aye logo ko wo article dikhne lagta hai. Blog publish karne ke baad aap apne blog ke Dashboard par aa jayege. Aap dashboard se jitni chahe utni nayi posts bana sakte hai. Agar aapko apne blog ko dekhna hai aap “View Blog” par click kar sakte hai ya aap par bhi ja sakte hai.


Domain kya hai or ise kaha se kharide full guid in hindi

Hello Dosto!!

Aaj ke post me apko me btaunga Doamin Name kya hai? Domain Name Ke Kitne Prkar Hote Hai ? aur Acha Doamin Name Kaise Kahride? Last baar mene apko btaya tha ki internet ka use karke paise kaise kamaye. Aap me se bahut se log jante hai ki internet se paise kamane ke liye Blogging sabse acha platform hai jo log nahi jante unhe me bta deta hoon interne se paise kamane ke liye blogging hi kyo..??

Main apne ek post me iska jawab jaru dunga kyoki blogging ka platform koi chota platform nhi hai jiska jawab me apko 2 line me dedu. waise aaj kal Hindi Blog ka craze bahut jada ho gya h aur hume hindiblog bahut jada dekhne ko mil rahe hai. aap sabhi ko bta do blogging ko start karne ke liye sabse phle apko domain name ki jarurt pdegi aur usse phle apko pta hona chahiye ki Domain Name Kya hota hai??

Doamin Name Kay Hai aur iska Website ya Blog me Kya Role Hai?

Doamin Name kya hai kisi IP address tak pahucha deta hai ek jariya hai. Iske dwara hum asani se ek website tak pahoc sakte hai. jaise ek makan banane ke liye sabse pahle ek plot ki jarurt hoti hai usi tarha ek website ko bnane ke liye domain name ki jarurt pdti hai. Domain name country wise hoti hai me apko popular domain name ke bare me bta deta hu.

Most Popular Domain Extensions

  1. .com : .com ko puri world ke liye use kiya jata hai.
  2. .in : .in India me use kiya jata hai.
  3. : ye domain bhi india me use kiya jata hai.
  4. .org : organization ke liye use kiya jata hai.
  5. : Indian government sites ke liye use kiya jata hai.
  6.  .edu : Education website ke liye use kiya jata hai.

aur bhi bahut se domain name hote hai aap apni pasand ke domain name purchase kar sakte hai meri personal suggestion yehi hogi apke liye ki aap top level ke domain hi purchase kare.  Ab baat aati hai ki domain name kahan se buy kare kyoki hume el trusted website company chahiye jisse hum apna domain buy kar sake market me bahut se trusted company hai jinse aap domain purchase kar sakte hai chalo ab me btata hu kha se aap domain le skate hai.

Domain Name Kahan Se Buy Kare

  1. BigRock
  2. GoDadddy

BigRock and GoDaddy dono hi domain kharidne ke liye best copany hai aur first time user ke liye inke pass kuch special offfers hote hai like .com Domain name at Rs. 99 only. magar bas first time user ke liye uske bad apko pura amount dena pdta hai. Main apko BigRock se domain name kharidne ko bolunga kyoki BigRock ek Indian Company hai aur me chahunga ki ek Indian company se domain lena acha hoga aur inka support bhi bahut acha hai mene bhi bahut se domain liye hai BigRock se. Toh dosto ab aap bhi apna domain name purchase kar sakte hai.

blog par traffic bdhane ke 7 useful trick hindi

Mane Bhot se logo ko dekha hei ki unke blog per traffic nhi hota hor preshan hokar apne blog per kaam karna chor dete hei maine jab blogging start ki thi tb mera bhi aise he man karta tha per maine thoda jada time diya apne blog per hor aj mare blog mei acha readers ke sath sath acha traffic bhi hei aj mei apko aise tips dene wala hu jinko agar ap ache se follow karo ge hor mari btayi hui bato mei gor kroge to apke blog mei acha traffic he nhi ap aik successfull blogger bhi ban sakte hei maine mari blogging ka carear karib 1 saal phle kiya tha tab mai 9th class mei tha hor mko in sbke bare mei kuch khaas knowladge nhi thi to mane apki aik blog bnai jiska name tha “Danishtricksworld” mai uspr bhi unique content he upload krta tha magar fr bhi mei acha traffic nhi paa ska kyunki maine in baato par gor nhi kari hor jab mako pta chla ki aik acha traffic pane ke liye ye sab bate jruri hoti hei to maine apni aik hor blog bnai katriban 25-30 din baad jab maine apni “Danishtricksworld” blog per kaam karna chor diya tha to jb maine new blog bnai uspe mei acha traffic hasil karra tha kam se kam 2k-3k pageviews aa he jate the daily mei janta hu ye bhot kaam hei magar ye us blogger ke liye kaam ni hoge jisko blogging ke carear mei aye srf 40 din bhi ni hua the 2 mhine bhi pure ni hua the.

Mei apko ab btata hu ki kin kin chizo ko dhyan Mei Rakhke ap aik acha traffic pa sakte hei uske sath sath ap Apni blog ko seo friendly bhi bna sakte hei.

1) Chose Best Blog Name

Hum Jab blog bnare hote hei to usme humara subse phla hor main kaam hota hei aik acha sa name jo hum apke blog mei rakh sake Blog name jitna chota ho utna acha hota hei hor blog name aisa ho ki us chote se naam se he pta chal jaye ki apki blog mei kis type ki category share ki jati hei hor kis type ki content milege agar apka blog name chota hei to usse visiters ko yaad rakhne mei mushkil nhi hoti hor wo apke blog par dubara bhi a sakte hei agar ap 40-50 words ka he name rakhdege to naa to users ko psand ayga hor na he traffic bdhega isliye mai apko yhi salah duga ki ap apne blog ka 10-15 se bhi kaam ka blog name chose kare usse readers ko apki blog name yaad rakhne mei koi preshani nhi hogi.

2) Subscribe Option Rakhe

Subscribe Option se bhi apke traffic mei bhot acha parbhav pdta hei agar ap subscribe Option rakhege to jo users hoge apke blog ko subscribe jrur karege isse wo apke upload karne wale content smay smay per read kar sakte hei isse ap acha traffic ke sath sath achi earning bhi kar sakte hei isliye is option ko ap apne blog mei jrur rkha kare isse users bar bar apke content ko pdhne ate rheyge hor isse apki content ke rank achi rhygi.

3) Aik Category Par Focus Kare

apne blog blogging se related bnai hei to ap usi category pr focus kare Agar ap apne blog mai 10-12 category ikathi adf kardege to ap aik category per focus nhi kar payega ap phle aik category bnay hor usme kam se kam 40+ articles likhne ke baad new category bnane ki soche kyunki agar ap 10-12 category ikathi he bna dege to ap aik category pr focus nhi kar payege mai mari blog mei “Languages” se related posts per jada focus karra hu kyunki mko in chizo ki ache se knowladge hei mai apko yhi salah duga ki ap aik category pr phle focus kare fir new bnaye isse apke readers ko pta chlega ki apki blog mei is category ke har Question ka Solution mil jayga.

4) Usi Category Ki Blog Bnaye Jisme Ap Expert Ho

Apko hmesha usi category se related blog bnani chahiye jisme ap bhot ache ho hor apko uske bare mai har knowladge ho hor agar koi apke content me mei comment kare to ap jld se jld uska reply dekar uski help kar sake mei hmesha apke “Stats” Check krta rhta hu ki kiseka comment to nhi aya hor jiska commnt aya hota hei mei uski madad usi tym krta hu kyunki mko pta hota hei maine jo content likha hei uske bare mei mko har knowladge hei hor mai iske problem ka solution jrur de skta hu hor isse readers bhi khush hote hei hor agar apke readers se kidhr social media per dekhte hei ki kiseko help chahiye hor wo apke blog pr milegi to wo usi time comment krke apke blog ka name jrur denge ye mai yakin ka sath kha skta hu kyunki agar koi hmari help krta hei jiski humko urgently need ho hor koi hmari help krdeta hei to reply mei hmara bhi dil karta hei ki hum uski help kare isse bhi apke blog ka traffic increase ho skta hei.

5) Hmesha High Rank Wale English Words Ka Use Karte Rheye

Agar ap aik hindi blog bnare hei to ap usme high ranking words jrur dala kare isse search engine se traffic ata hei hor isse apki blog ko high rank milti hei kuch aise words bhi hote hei jo hum google mei search karte time bar bar dalna pdta hei jaise How,Post Tittle,Content,What,They,That,Killer,Tips,Best Etc. Jaise words ka use apko apne hindi jaise blogs mei use karte rhna chahiye hor social media se ane wala traffic chorke Search Engine se ane wale traffic ki value jada hoti hei kyunki search engine se ane wale traffic ke ads per click krne pr cpc jada mani jati hei hor isse ap achi earning bhi kar sakte hei isliye apke blog ke content mei high rank wale keywords use karte rhena chahiye.

6) Social Media Jaise Sites Per Share Kare Apni Blog

Apko blog ke content time time per social media ke sath share krte rhna chahiye kyunki isse apka traffic increase hoga ap social media jaise sites ke groups,pages,events mei share kar sakte hei jaise facebook ke grups pages events ke wall mei post karke ap usi se related groups mai apne content share karra kare jisse related apki blog ho jaise mari blog Blogging,SEO,Earning,Languages Se Related Hei To mei inse related groups mei apne blog ko share kar skta hu isse bhi apko acha traffic mil skta hei agar ap samay samay per apne content groups mai share karte rheyge to apke blog ki rank bhi increase ho skti hei kyunki social media se ane wala jo traffic hoga wo aik bar to apke blog ko read karlege jo aone contents dale hoge hor agar usko kbhi koi article ki jrurt padi jo ki apke blog mei usne dekhi thi to wo apka name ke sath google mai type karke dekhege hor isse apke traffic ke sath sath search engine mwi bhi apko aik achi rank mil sakti hei isliye social media jaise sites per time time per apne contents share karte rhna chahiye.

7) Paiso Ka Lalach Na Kare

Google per 90% se bhi jada bloggers aise hoge jinhone earning karne ke liye he blog bnai hui hei hor 90% ke 90% log achi earning nhi kar pate kyunki earning ka chakkr mei wo apne content ko acha nhi likh pate jldi se jldi content likhne ki sochte ki jada se jada article likhke adsense approve krvale to mei apko aik baat btadu ap kbhi bhi aisa mat soche ap phle apne blog ko acha design karle hor ache se acha content likhne ki koshish kare hor try kare ki apka aik content kaam se kaam 2000 ya usse jada words ka to ho he shi hor kai bloggers lalch ke chakkr mei 200-300 words ka article likhke upload kardete hei mai apko u nhi khra ki ap jo content likhre hei wo 800-1000 words ka hei hr usme apne ache se explain kardiya hei upload krdiya hei ye bhot bdiya baat hei apne ki apne acha se explain karke content upload kiya magar ap article he aise chose kare jo 2000+ words mai pure a sake kyunki agar apka article 2000+ words ka nhi hei to wo search engine mai show nho hoga kyunki google usi article ko index karti hei jo kaam se kaam 2000 words ka to hota he hei is liye mai apko ye bhi advise duga ki jo article ap likhre hei wo kam se kam 2k words ka to hohe.

Agar ap in bato ko dhyan mai rakhte hua apne blog per kaam karega to apke blog per ap aik acha traffic pa sakte hei jisse ap achi earning bhi kar sakte hei agar apko mujhse koi question karna ho to ap mujhse comment karke puch sakte hei.

Top guidline of the best hosting in india

If you prefer being prosperous inside your World wide web business enterprise, Web hosting Buzz hosting providers might be your incredibly best friend. Our Hosting options are created to fit your Firm demands, whether it’s for organization business enterprise organization or smaller business enterprise company. internet hosting solutions equipped by the web host consist of shared Net internet hosting, VPS, and dedicated server Online hosting.

it’s very easy, Together with the assist of an outstanding Internet hosting firm. It is exceedingly challenging to pick which Website hosting business is the best possible. In the end, Once you’ve found the correct Website organization for yourself, see the things that they may have to provide and Test regardless of whether it matches Anything you need.

It also provides you with distinctive incorporate-on capabilities at incredibly sensible charges. As a result of little funds, may you eliminate lots of handy functions which can be important for the website, You should not make this blunder. When you’ve got an product stock site, then, clearly you need that more Web-site site visitors really should visit your business website to purchase your providers and merchandise.

Gentlemen and girls in India choose to invest in Website hosting expert services via an Indian host due to the fact they need customer care in their neighborhood regional language, preferably in Hindi. protection protection is Amongst the important element in your case. So, a web-site is a major promoting facet that may be neglected if you favor to generate an internet existence with out A great deal attempts.

Third, You should Examine into your customer service alternatives that a web hosting supplier delivers. There are different java Internet hosting expert services out there within the nation that is now common with shoppers endeavoring to locate the products and services. you will discover an infinite amount of firms supplying Website hosting solutions and aiming to entice The purchasers but just a couple are reputable.

Managed VPS internet hosting India features as a super Answer in scenarios the place The client does not have staff members to deal with Main internet hosting associated specialized problems. it offers an expansive variety of internet hosting strategies to go well with the particular requirements of various buyers. In case you are looking out for these pro companies of these enterprises, You simply have to do a fairly easy exploration on the internet.

If you prefer to start a web site for almost any intent Then you certainly are looking for a web web site internet hosting approach to ensure that your Web web site can seen ahead of the environment. If any web site is bad in content material, then certainly, the internet site just isn’t in any regard Specialist, and it would give very poor visibility. your website receives available on various screens.

Most packages include things like totally absolutely free website builder program and totally absolutely free set up. World wide web Server India understands your Web website is essential to your business. even if you have an interest in Windows Webhosting, there are several choices to consider.

To do so You should upload your Online web pages to click here to read a hosting company. There are tons of solutions available for World-wide-web hosts that you can buy. When you join with an online host It is unlikely helpful site you are going to adjust anytime soon.

producing a web-site and endorsing it’s not a problem of investing as well big an amount of cash or breaking your bank. For more World-wide-web House, a lot of firms can be obtained to help you. In general, a web site is an easy and straightforward strategy for marketing a business and achieving audience and not using a lots of work.

Numerous enterprise Webhosting businesses are launched available and it’s got arrive at be really tough to evaluate the appropriate form of products and services. Also some organizations purchase various domain names for equivalent small business, in order to entice broader segments of shoppers. you are able to have in touch with All those organizations to working experience ideal cut price.

It would not make a difference what kind of internet site you happen to be developing, accurately like each soul desires a human body to reside, just about every web page wishes a bunch to connect with dwelling. people who’d hunt for organization profiles on the web would research the organization name over the internet search engine. It has been shown to become absolutely the most reliable kind of advertising and marketing.

Blogging and webhosting

Blogging Kaise Kare $Full Guide$ 

Ye guide hai unke liye jo Blogging sikhna chahte hai, Blogging me beginner / moderate level / Advanced level ya fir Expert level par Blogging kar rahe hai. Blogging ke baare me English me aapko bohot sa content mil jayega par Hindi me sirf kuch hi websites hai jo Blogging ke baare me perfect aur proper knowledge share kar rahi hai. Blogging abhi ek solopreneur business ban gaya hai. Blogging ek online paise kamane ka madhyam hai jaha aap jis me interest ho yane aapko jo chij puri aati ho unko aapke blog par likhe.

Blogging ka main aim hai knowledge sharing on internet online. Jahir si baat hai aap Hindi me blog karoge, par aapko ye blogging aur uske related saari jankari kaha se milegi ? Is question ka tension aap abhi na le. Kyo ki hum is website ke jariye aapko Blogging se related ek se ek badhiya information share karenge. Aap chahe blogging me naye ho ya fir aap thode advanced level par ho, ya fir chahe expert level par ho. Mene jo sikha hai aaj tak wo mai sab aapse share karunga. Aap ko ek perfect blogger banane ki koshish karunga. Is post ko aap bookmark ya Save kar sakte hai, Kyo ki is post se mai blogging ki saari chije link karne wala hu. Blog banane ke liye kya chije jaroori he, Blog ke liye hum behtar post kaise likhe, Blog par traffic kaise badhaye, is sab baato ki detailes se detailed jankari aapko is website par mil jayegi. Hum blogging ke bare me sab chije cover karenge, Ye website aapke liye Blogging ki One Stop Solution rahegi.

Ye post me maine saari chije categrized karke rakhi hui hai. Aap scroll down kare aur aapki pasand ki post dekh le. Ye Blogging ka resource page hai

Blogging Definition Hindi Me

What is Blogging :  First question is what is blogging ? Blogging kya hota hai ?  Blogging kaise karte hai ? Blogging start karne se pehle ye janana bohot jaroori hai ki Blogging ka matlab kya hai. Blogging ko acchi tarah se smajhne ke bad hi usme apna kadam rakhe. Ye saare sawaalo ke jawaab aapko milnge yaha – Blogging Kya Hai.

Blog vs Website : Sabse pehle hum start karenge Blog aur Website me kya difference hai. Aksar bohot se mere friends muze pucchte hai ki hume website kholni hai, Hume Blog kholbna hai. Par unje ye clear nahi hota hai ki in dono me actual difference lya hai.  Blog vs Website.

Blogger or WordPress

Blogspot or WordPress : Blog start karne ke liye sabhi log pehle Blogger jo ki Google ka product hai, ya fir WordPress Free portal use karte hai. Beginners ke liye ye platforms bohot hi helpful hote hai, kyo ki starting me haat saaf karne ke liye isse acche online portal nahi hai. In service ko use karke aap free me aapki khudki website bana sakte hai. Par sabse pehla sawaal ki Blogspot aur WordPress me kya behtar hai – PadhiyeBlogger / Blogspot : Blogger ye service Google dwara provide hui hai. Blogger free blog provide karta hai. Jaha pe aapka domain (sub-domain) par hota hai. Aapko domain yane URL kharidne ke koi charges nahi lagte hai.  Blogger in Hindi.

WordPress : WordPress ye bhi ek free tool hai jo blogging provide karta hai. Is ke CMS se aapko is domain par aapko subdomain milega. Is ka free version naye bloggers ke liye accha hai. Par agar Professional Blogging karni hai to hamesha hi chune jo paid version hai.  Pura yaha padhe – WordPress Free Blog in Hindi.

Get your own Domain – Website URL

Website domain ka meaning hai URL of your website. URL is Universal Resource Locator. Har website ko ek unique name hota hai, jaise, Ye in companies ke domain address hai. Blog start karne ke liya hamare pas koi domain hona chahiye, jispar hum apna content likh sake, apni information daal sake. Domain dene wali India me top service hai

GoDaddy : Jese ki mene bataya yeh ek Behtarin service hai domain purchase karne ke liye. Agar aap blogging start kar rahe hai, to me aapko salaah dunga ki domain GoDaddy se hi le – GoDaddy in Hindi. : Ye bhi ek shandar site hai, jaha se aap domain purchase kar sakte hai. Par mera personal experience BigRock ka accha ahi hai. Inka payment gateway ka muze ek bar problem aaya tha. Is liye me BigRock nahi use karta.

Purchase Premium Hosting

Why Hosting is required : Aap ek Professional Blogging ka mind set banate hai, to aapko aapki website khud hi host karni chahiye. Hosting ke liye BlueHost, HostGator jese bohot se Hosting companies hai, jo high speed hosting provide karti hai. Hosting your website ka matlab hai aap apni website khud host karna. Blogger / WordPress me hum sirf post publish kart hai, par saare post Google ya for WordPress hi host karta hai. Theme / Template design ke jada options hume nahi milte. Or SEO ka bhi bad impact padta hai. So islye agar long term ke liye aap soch rahe ho to jaroor Paid Hosting hi karna. Web Hosting Hindi.

HostGator : Personally muze HostGator hosting jada pasand hai. aur ye do alag flavour me hai. jinka India me bhi server hai, waha se kharido ge to aapki website ko Inidan traffic ke liye bohot hi accha speed milega. se Linux hosting bohot popular hosting hai.  Jab aap hosting purchase kar lete hai, tab aapko lagega ek WordPress installation. WordPress ko install karne ke bad hi aap aapki site publically access ho payegi. Aur aap us par post publish kar paoge.

Blogger par template kaise chang kare or ache se design kaise kare.

Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare – ब्लॉगस्पोट टेम्पलेट थीम्स

Hello Dosto, aaj hum apko batayenge ki Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare. Hum apne blog par mehnat karke bahot achche achche post upload karte he. Logon ko ho sake utni aasan bhasha me likhte he. Phir bhi agar hamare blog ko like na kare ya hamare web par visitors na badhe to hum nirash ho jate he. Kyon ki agar itni mehnat karke bhi agar visitors na aaye to dukh jarur hota he. Iske liye bas ek hi tarika he. Apne blog ka template attractive aur simple hona chahiye. To chaliye jane Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare. (blogger templates, blog templates, free blogger templates, blogspot templates, blog template, blogger themes. Blogger templates free, blog themes, free blogspot templates, free templates for blogger, free blogspot, blogspot themes, blog website templates, free blogger).

Blog Ka Template Kaisa Hona Chahiye

Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare. Blogger ne pahele se bahut se template de rakhe hai free me use karne ke liye. Par wo bahut purane hai or ham jaante hai ki Search Engines ke search karne ke tarike badalte hi jaa rahe hai. To hame jarurat hai ek naye SEO friendly, Mobile Friendly aur Fast Loading template ki.

Blog Ka Template Change Kyon Kare

Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare. Blogger ne to bahut sare free me Tamplate de rakhe hai magar aap ko apna Blog aur bhi sundar aur attractive banana hai to aap ko kisi free website se sundar aur attractive Template download karni hogi. Waise to Template download karne ke liye bahut sare website hai  hai jaise  ya phir etc. Mai aap ko ek jaruri baat bata du ki Blogger sirf ek hi file support karta hai aur wo hai XML file, is liye Blogger ka Template download karne se pahle aap ye jarur dekh le ki aap jo file download kar rahe hai wo XML file hai ya nahi. 

Blog Ka Template Change Kaise Kare

Step 1

Sabse pahle aap par blog ke liye aap jo mail ID use karte he usse login kare. Waha apne Blog ke Dashboard par jaye.

Step 2

1. Template par click kare.

2. Backup/Restore par click kare.

Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare


Step 3


1. Naya Template Upload karne se pahle aap apne recent Blog ke Template ka backup le lijiye. Download Full Template par click kar ke. Backup le lena achha hota hai kyon ki agar naya Template upload karne ke baad usme koi problem ya error aati hai to aap us backup wale file se apne purane wale Template ko dubara upload kar sake.

2. Ab aap ko apna naya Template upload karne ke liye Choose File par click karna hai. Click karne ke baad wo aap se puch raha hai ki aap ke naya Template ka XLM file kaha par hai. Aap us file ko select kar le aur agar aap ke pass nahi hai to aap sabse pahle Template file download kar le.

3. XML file select karte hi Upload ka button active ho jayega aur aap ko Upload button ke upper click karna hai. Upload ke button ke upper click karte hi aap ka naya Template upload ho jayega.


Blogger Blogspot Ka Template Upload Kaise Kare

 Bas ho gaya. Itna aasan he template upload karna. Aap karke dekhiye agar koi problem aaye to comment me puch sakte he.


Finally, Hume umeed hai apko ye article accha laga hoga. First of all apne dosto ke sath aisi jankariya jarur share kare jo blogging me interest rakhte hai and ye post ko un tak Jarur pahunchaye. ke bare mai unhe jarur bataye.

Blogspot Template Themes Kaise Change Kare – ब्लॉगस्पोट टेम्पलेट थीम्स कैसे चेंज करे– Jankari Hindi Me.


Blogger par website kaise bnaye or paise kmaye