basic SEO concept

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Basically we know SEO means ‘search engine optimization’. but seo totally work how to work search engine, why it work, etc. I will share the whole seo strategy step by step. so stay with me.

21st century the world depends on IT. we start our work by technology and end our work by technology. we know all about technology from many others advertisement, like print advertisement, tv commercial, social media etc. those things are Digital marketing. SEO is the part of a digital marketing. I already said it what is digital marketing. so we are discussing about seo.

SEO has three kinds:

1.Local SEO
2. Technical SEO
3. copywriting SEO

1.Local SEO:some of small business, motor business, online business etc. the main things how to get visitors to do some normal seo. Seems you have a coffee shop business, people can search you by google search, map, they will find you.

2. Technical SEO: You think want to more visitor with a different way, then you write some great content, review, to create site map, xml etc.
3.Copywriting SEO: copywriter seo is the main tactics of seo strategy. it has three kind-

(a) white hat: It is very good practise of seo. white hat seo is real seo. it’s work honest by the seo rules and regulation. it’s not so easy but it’s more effective. honestly and fairly to do it and brings visitors in your site.
(b) Balck hat: Black hat is not good seo, it is very bad for your site. you brings visitor in your site by mainputling. it’s work very quickly but not fair. some time later it will be banned by goole.
(c) Gray hat: gray hat is not good and not bad. but you have to know it for your best practice. when you clear about bad thins about seo then you will be skip those things easily.

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